HD Video

11 billion people watch videos every month on YouTube. Video is not a luxury in business anymore. It is a staple of the online experience.

Does your company have video on it's website? You might. However, in studies, 83% of Internet users agree that videos for most companies are "just a step above a Power Point presentation". Most companies are only doing what they've been doing for years within a different medium. This does not work for a tech-savvy public. We know what works, and we will bring your company's message to life.

This was a video made for a company in Dallas, TX, which builds in-home theaters.

Knowbility OpenAIR Awards:
Asked to do some impromptu interviews during an awards ceremony.

Terrain Solutions Inc.:
Company overview video for a civil engineering firm in Houston.

Marvel Industrial Coatings:
Company overview video for an industrial coating chemical company in Houston.

KLZ Stoneworks: Company Overview
A video we created for KLZ Stone Works in Commerce, TX. Done in 112 degree heat, but we show up no matter how hot it is.