HD Video

11 billion people watch videos every month on YouTube. Video is not a luxury in business anymore. It is a staple of the online experience.

Does your company have video on it's website? You might. However, in studies, 83% of Internet users agree that videos for most companies are "just a step above a Power Point presentation". Most companies are only doing what they've been doing for years within a different medium. This does not work for a tech-savvy public. We know what works, and we will bring your company's message to life.

This was a video made for a company in Dallas, TX, which builds in-home theaters.

Knowbility OpenAIR Awards:
Asked to do some impromptu interviews during an awards ceremony.

Terrain Solutions Inc.:
Company overview video for a civil engineering firm in Houston.

Marvel Industrial Coatings:
Company overview video for an industrial coating chemical company in Houston.

LifeBorne Overview:
Although we are resistant to showing this video, as we had no control over the editing of it, we do want to show what video can look like when we have total control of an environment artistically. The lighting, the backdrop, and the video itself were all Philly Puddy Designs, yet please forgive how long these scenes drag out...Because they do. This can also be used as a cautionary tale as to why clients should let the professionalsdo what they are hired to do.